ZOMBIES! - Cod-O-Tune! Black Ops 2 Autotuning on Buried

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Beautiful <3
And now for NAME THAT BACKGROUND SONG!! I know it do you?
My uncle is plumbumpipe!
Your so awesome #Subscribed :)
Plz, anyone who as xbox live friend me SUPERCALLI
Until I saw him run around with an rpg
And he really had an rpg
DAFUQ!? lol
i forgot what this song is called but i love it
Do you have drums?
More zombie auto-tune :)))
Whats the Background Music??
If you need help learning how to play zombies (dont know why you wouldnt know how) then try to get me when im on my xbox my gamertag is REDGARLIVE
Perma jug = ignore the wiki and repeatedly almost kill yourself with the lava on tranzit
Perma quick revive = get 15 revives in a single game (or just go custom game and add a second controller)
i do know the rest but these are the two most useful ones
xD i dont think got drums has heard of perma juggernog
@GotDrumz send me a friend request on xboxlive at xxGrizzlyRebelx and I'll do a song with you :)
This is your best Video in my opinion - <3
Ha daimm
Sing Zombie by Cranberry on a zombie map
mmmmmmmmmmhhhh nostalgiaaaaa (mega man 2)


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ZOMBIES! - Cod-O-Tune! Black Ops 2 Autotuning on Buried.