SHTF Communications..CB Radio Basics

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The antennas was his key. Any old CB would work with what he was doing. Good antennas and tuned. CB should be able to go 50 miles with a pole antenna. But with a 'directional' antenna one with good atmospheric conditions can go several hundred miles.
What ever you do, have someone help you set up the antenna. Let them teach you how to use an swr meter. Most systems do not have them in it. But a swr tester can be used to set up antennas, especially mobile antennas. Once an antenna is tuned it generally doesn't need to be changed, thus most people don't keep them in line. Although any radio works better with an antenna 'tuner'. Tuners are meant to be kept in the system. This allows a person to maximize the whole frequency range, or CB channels. But tuners are generally not used mobile for CBs. Nor are they that beneficial mobile. Big properly tuned antennas for your base, it is highly recommended for tuners to be used. Example this guy's set up.
Get a CB and a portable antenna and use it now to understand the capabilities before you need to. Antenna suggest Wilson brand, Tram 3500 (cheaper $30), steel whip,
francis brand, firestick. avoid the cheapest Hustler brand (deaf, less sensitive).
Ham radio too expensive, complicated, excessive power consumption, few people
each person has to be individually tuned in. Huge antennas.
CB radio listen during the day and hear people all over the country. Great way to get info from across the USA fast without a network, internet ect, SHTF scenario during daylight skip conditions.
CB' can be solar powered, 12volt battery, channels are easy to tune into. Magnet mount for portability. I am a general class armature operator four years. I own many ham radios, tube and hybrid HF. My primary radio use is 90% CB and 2meter ham.
I'm in Manchester,UK and I'm setting up my new CB system as the UK government has just legalized sideband AM and more frequencies on FM. I was on the air in the 80's but the UK government banned us all so im excited about getting my ears back on. Your video was very helpful to me buddy and many thanks.
I know all about them the 142 GTL inside and out, I had one when I was a kid then I graduated to ham and two-way being my family was a Motorola dealership, and they did very well put all 6 of us through college, and lived a comfortable life, that's the kind of trash I am.
Thanks for the info.   New Sub. And I need the help. The more I watch the less I know.

thanks for your good vid. Do you want to review or talk about handhelds?
question;  I have several extra feet of antenna cable in my car---- is it ok to just roll all extra cable( like an extension chord)---- someone told me to not do that, it creates interference, that I should somehow extend the cable out in  a single line.
I still have my Cobra 142 I got when I was 14 years old back in 1988. I have not used it in a number of years though, but I'm thinking of hooking up a CB radio for emergencies.

You can do a lot of mods to them very easily including unlocking the clarifier, adding a 10 kc drop for the A channels and going above and below the CB band. If you don't want to turn the wattage up I recommend at least clipping the audio limiter diode. It improves the sound greatly!
I've watched your vid good work my man, also read some shit posts from so called hams lol, what a load off shit they talk I passed my ticket years ago but I still love to DX on 11m band I love all thing radio even ham but 11m is still the best 73 tnx for the vid.
All future themes suggested by you at min 15 are welcomed!
Thank you. Very useful video for beginner like me. So much discussed in 17 mins.
I have this Base Station with extras. Great Radio.
Don't u need ssb to talk skip?
I hope someone sees this that can help... I manage a bar roughly 7 miles from my house, is there anyway I can pick up my Motorola CLS 1110 on-site two-way radios from my bar at my house? Sorry for the very uneducated question, i literally i have idea what i'm talking about, clearly..... 
Break Albee4ty5, how about out there. Hey, who let the smart a$$ ham operator(bryon clemons)in here. Your video says CB Radio Basics. Later, 73's from North Alabama. Looks like you had your beams pointed down my way. :-)
Ham operators are douchebags
if you are so smart , pass a test and show the world you have morals, the fcc gave up on the 27mhz  lic because it just attracted losers, listen to the so called skip, why is it loaded with blacks all day long, why aren't they working, it seems to me people on cb don't have jobs. I think we will start using your videos at are next meeting for education, we may learn something..


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SHTF Communications..CB Radio Basics.