CB Radio Lab Test: The world's smallest CB Radio on the Test bench Albrecht AE-6110

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Another great video.... Thank you again..........73s

Just wondering what you think about SMT as many of us old school radio guys like the old technology, easier to work with etc.
Do you rate it better or worse. One thing for sure is you can make smaller electronic devices
We are an old HAM, we let our Ham license lapse ( kc1cy ) many years ago. Is there any software that is FREE, we do have and ( Apple or Mac OSX 10.9.5. ) We moved from RI state to AZ. USA Please e-mail us at: ( bob.lebeau@aol.com ) Thank you and God Bless.
is Relais shift possible? Nice little one.
Is it possible to turn the radio down below 4 Watts? Mine gets extremely HOT even on 4 Watts !
anyone in the UK https://m.facebook.com/groups/824051187703050?ref=bookmarks
Hi,not sure the fm deviation question was answered?
got one on route to my workshop,will see what going on regarding getting fm deviation bit low,and where to acess deviation control to make it a bit  higher.Maybe a  service menu or fixed in radio will look at when radio comes this week.
Great review. Back in the day, the Lafayette Micro 23 was the world's smallest CB radio. This one beat it by a good margin!
can you show us where we can adjust the fm deviation pot is or is it a software service mode?
Hi Peter :) Deine Tests sind immer ganz großes Kino und beschränken sich wirklich auf die wesentlichen Dinge. Ich sehe Deine Videos unheimlich gerne. Ob der Vielfalt Deiner Gerätschaften bin ich auch begeistert. Ich bin ja immer noch der Meinung, dass der CB Funk lebt ;) Ich habe mir in letzter Zeit zwei Deiner getesteten Geräte zugelegt: 1x die TeamHam 1011 und die Albrecht 6110 die in diesem Video zu sehen ist. Viele Grüße aus Bochum. Michael
Got one in my car works well. Great review
Thanks Peter for super review,I know now what nice radio I own ! I am looking forward for your next review ! All the best !
Very nice radio and a very interesting review. Its a pity there is no schematic so we could learn a little of how they can make such a great radio. Even a block diagram would be interesting to read. Possible they do not provide a schematic as the engineering detail may be commercially sensitive.
Hi Peter another nice video, nice little radio, would still be nice for you to show how to set the adjusters inside the radios, for squelch, rf meter, S meter and deviation, and tx power and recieve sensitivity....best wishes from Fred in England g4vvq.
Peter another super review...I purchased one of these 6 weeks ago and it works so well..One day i forgot to connect my antenna and the radio still picked up stations... Great little receiver,i may just get another one as a backup.
Great video and review. Glad you noticed the RF gain setting. I made a mental note during those tests to ask you about that in comments as it effected your S-meter, sinad and sensitivity tests, but u found it before the video was over. That just goes to show that even though the radio is small and has a nice user interface, it is still not as easy as seperate knobs for each function. I hate running a test or making a measurement that comes out wrong because one option box is selected in a menu five layers deep in the interface. Keep up the good work. I really enjoy your videos.
Great review Peter! Cute little radio.
Du machst sehr gute Videos, bei dem Equipment werde ich ein bisschen neidisch ;)
Habe mir heute fürs Auto die 6110er bestellt, die örtlichen Kollegen haben die auch zum Teil.
73 aus Österreich, vielleicht hören wir uns mal wenn das Band offen ist :)
nice mini radio they make hand helds with same specs so no reason they cant do it with a little mobile  Thanks for video.// as always great review
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CB Radio Lab Test: The world's smallest CB Radio on the Test bench Albrecht AE-6110.