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microphone what we on the old rig days called a coffin mike:-).
I have the sirio 5000 performer 6ft tall get some funny looks driving down the road but gets miles over coverage
steve man you bring it all back . i used to drive miles to eye ball some right monsters . keep that to yourself .
thanks for the chat steve the 3900 sounds good with the power mike but perceiver with the 6900 there good radios all the best ron in oxford
I had one of those rigs! Good radio as well...even better after I'd done a little mod by changing the "rock" ( crystal ) and balanced the circuit..I ended up ( somehow ) with a channel bandwidth of 8.5 instead of 10...good clean transmit and reception. 
This is hilarious. I'm in my mid 40's now and was on the CB non-stop from around 1981 until probably the late 80's. It was popular then and this video brings back nice memories. It's funny to hear you using the same lingo that I used to use! I still occasionally have a fun CB style chat with my Sister as she was into it too, and neither of us can believe how stupid we must have sounded at the time to anyone not into CB. No offence, I don't think you sound stupid, but it is kinda funny to me now.
I am sad :-( because in United Kingdom where I was live CB-Radio is not so popular like in Poland or United States.However I am also CB-Radio/Ham Radio Operator and many QSO DX which I am do it is long distance sometimes longer from 7000 km.
Cant beat a Sirio ML145 aerial for the car. Nice set up though. Keep it real.
hi steve how u mate been a while still got the same antenna up this way but the radio gone... useing a 148gtldx also run a 2950dx  and a alinco dx70 whicth i dont use at the mo.also got a ranger ar3500 im selling 
I think I used to have a set like that. Pretty solidly built, I recall.
And try this Brits and friends of
Nice Cb radio I'm looking to get in to the Cb. I have my radio and antenna just need to set it up and then I will be on the air ways. I'm from Essex
Is cb still respected in the uk or is it a few good guys with a ton of drunks losers and perverts like the us
you don't need an swr meter when you use it in the car
Nice York radio. Had a harrier cbx many moons ago, that was a nice rig. 
Nice York radio. Had a harrier cbx many moons ago, that was a nice rig. 
PMR446 is better for local communications in my opinion.
Interesting video, I dont really know much about radios or how to use them etc. You seem to know a fair bit so was wondering if you could tell me what the constant bop ... bop noise you used to hear in police cars/fire engines/ambulances etc before they all switched to digital was? Have always wondered, you can hear the noise Im on about in this vid: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2heok_loosing-control-1_people

It seems to start up after a message has come through, just always wondered what it was and what it meant. Thanks!
great video steve and a very good set I use the two antennas the 4000 and the 5000 turb and a tri mag and I get out well
Hey like your video. 
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CB Radio in London England UK.