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thanks good job
how about a small amplifier to get more power? or more renge?
Bloody hell, some of you people need to get out more.  Seriously,  who cares what you think?
thank you ...for the info. I have this model too
Very good inf. thanks for sharing
So sick and tired of those fucking anoying ham genious writing their bullshits on every cb videos. 
Is what you've shared here what used to be termed "Tweek and Peak" back in the day?
Clip and preak ?
I always ran ham then one day noticed that it died,some of the rudest people on no days.went to cb where there are some rude people to but so many more nice people and so many more people to talk to and help you if you need it 
Purple down below doesn't know what he's talking about or hasn't been on a cb in the past 5 years so don't listen to a mutant 
Who should care since the FCC dropped the license requirement.  IMO, I think the FCC should start regulating cb's again. I think they should make licenses a requirement again at $10.00 per license per radio, bulk discounts of course but everyone should have to have a license and the FCC should go back to start regulating the speech on the waves. I mean all the cussing on it and all the gays looking for partners and using foul language is totally out of hand.  If the FCC wants to make some money, go back to the license and speech governing.  And also use signal tracer technology and put a stop to base stations running illegal power, making you hear them for 5 or more channels - ridiculous.
I was just curious if maybe you could show how to peak and tune a new roadking cb radio?
Never max out the audio. Turn it to around 3/4 of the way up. Not only will it sound better but it will also make a slight more power.

Gotta love the hack shops!
Oh, I meant to ask if the Dynamic dial should always be set to max, the way you have it? I use an RK-56 Road King mic.

I have Talk back and I noticed that I would sound like I was over modulating and causing distortion so I back my Dynamic dial off to about 75% or 80%.

I'm beginning to think that I was supposed to have the Dynamic dial to max and I should have then adjusted my Modulation Pot based on that Dynamic dial position. I am realizing that I should have had the TRB-X2 off entirely until I had that all set right. Then I would adjust the TRB from that point, huh?

I'll bet 100 bucks that you'll say "yes" and I should have known that from the start. Now the trick is to try and get someone to stay with me on the radio tests long enough for me to get it adjusted correctly.
I could swear you were pointing to the metallic pot with the Phillips cross when you first pointed it out. Then you moved to the yellow pot as the one to adjust... The VR4 for the 29 may be right but I have a Cobra 29 NW LTD Classic and the VR4 is Blue & White.

As you said, they can be a variety of colors but it seems that the C29 NW LTD Classic has many differences from the C29 LTD Classic or C29 Classic, and I can't even find the schematics for that specific model! In fact, Cobra's website mentions all their radios EXCEPT The NW LTD Classic.

Anyway, I thought I'd tell you that I did turn the VR4 CCW and then a hair back as shown. However, when I went for a radio test someone said "your're driving a Maserati with the brakes on". I asked what he meant and he said I'm over modulating and my carrier is weak.

I cut back my dynamic and even adjusted the pot back some but he never replied to me again as far as the results. I should also mention that I have a TRB-X2 echo board installed and initially, that's what I was trying to set. However, when I was told the Modulation was too high and Carrier too low, I realized that I needed to adjust the Modulation Pot first, with the Echo board switched off.

Then once I had that set, I would go on to the Echo Board Pots and dial adjustments. The problem is that I'm dealing with people who have very little inclination to help me with feed back on the adjustment results. I was an OTR pro driver for 6 years and I've had CB radios since I was 16 years old, (43 years ago).

I know how to talk and I try to get the person who replies to my radio test to move up one channel, off of 19. That used to be no problem back in the mid '80's when I was a driver.

However, now it seems that there's a 'less friendly' generation of drivers out there... Too bad, I always liked trucking the lower 48 and most of the drivers I met and knew were friendly enough to lend a minute or two to a radio check. I just received a 35W Linear amp I ordered and that little bit of additional power should give my a decent carrier for a mile or two.

Still, I have to try and get that modulation balanced and I only have a Digital multi-meter. I don't know how to read an oscilloscope and I don't have any other test equipment to check the modulation with.

I wonder if anyone knows if there's software online that I could use to make that adjustment? Probably not, and if so, it's likely not to be free....
Get a slick from 12 volts. You're kidding right
This is a great way to splatter all over the band. What an idiotic video!
Whenever you work on any circuitry, it is ALWAYS better to make sure you are working with grounded equipment, and that YOU are grounded with an ESD Wrist Strap, to avoid Electrostatic Discharge issues that can literally destroy components on a Circuit Board.  I teach this stuff (ESD Protection) and have seen first hand what ESD can do to components. 
This was a very detailed video, thank you sir, for sharing it. This information will be very helpful to some of us who want to be a bit louder. I know there is much more that can be done but that can be over kill in some situations.
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