Auto-Tuning w/Got Drums #6 - KILLED ME WITH YOUR LOVE

Lol luiey lol
I got Drums
bet drums wouldn't reply to this
What's the outro song, daaamn
3:30 in this video is my favourite thing ever.
There's was is real LuiCalibre?! ;)??
top ten facts:

 I: You clicked read more
2: You are reading this
3: You are looking at your screen
5: you didn't notice i missed number 4
6: You checked
6: I put two number 6's
7: You checked
8: I didn't put as number 1 on the first fact
q: You looked to see if i was right
10: There's no number 9

11: there was 11 facts, not 10
12:  Your about to Comment that i copied this
13: You were wrong
"You cant come up these stairs...You dont know the password"
Dude that was awesome lui and nogla were in his video lmao

Next do sexy and I know it

Lol will you marry me 😽😻👌💑💏❤️💗💖💕💞💘💋💍🌈📞
Can u sing thrift shop in your amazing voice because your so pretty much really funny!😋😏😎
I love u LOL
This is one of my favorites...good job!
I hate that they got rid if glee i wabt it so god damn bad lol
You're awesome <3
OMG lui Caliber was in it
- Dołączcie do dyskusji.


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Auto-Tuning w/Got Drums #6 - KILLED ME WITH YOUR LOVE.