Auto-Tuning w/Got Drums #3 - GREAT APPLETINI

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xRpMx13 BATMAN!!
whats xrpmx13's blackops name?
My view in humanity is degraded by looking at these comments. Most consist of "What is the outro?" or "OMG! Ryan!". Seriously... Does know one take appreciation for the guy's spontaneous creativity? He's a lyrical genius! It's his autotune troll series that are the reason why I have subscribed to this channel; he's different from the rest.
More Vids!!! 
PurpleTigers in the beginning! (like if you get this inside joke)
Weird to see Morgan Freeman doing a Cod video. If you know what that means your just awesome.
Hey dude you got drums?
Dude you are the funniest guy EVAH
ryan used to auto tune?!
anyone else relies a hacker at 2:36 (where the kills are)
i know everyone is asking this but what is the outro song??
nice outro bro btw love your vids keep up the good work 👍
Lol how can he manage to not laugh
Omg Got Drums you are Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am teliing me friends about you :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
whats the outro song and great vids drums;)
xRpMx13! Ryan wattcha coin ere?
What do you use to do that??? Thy want to know thy secret!
This guy's a genius at ad-libbing songs about people on the spot lol,,,

Always loved these videos... the best song you did was the lady-gaga one. XD


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Auto-Tuning w/Got Drums #3 - GREAT APPLETINI.